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Trees Can Affect Value of Home

The front garden is the gateway to your home, the first thing a potential buyer sees and an impression will quickly be drawn in the first few seconds.

How does it look to you, do you have a large, overgrown and badly maintained hedge or a tree that has become too large, blocking out light and has branches that are overhanging into the street or the garden next door? Perhaps the front garden is fine so no problems there, so now take a look at the back garden.

Is the grass neat and tidy, do you have lots of overgrown beds, borders and shrubs creating a tangled mess and lots of weeds? Perhaps that is all fine but you have a tree or trees that have been badly maintained, are now far too big, look like they could cause a potential hazard and are blocking out all the light.

Trees and gardens that have been unmaintained can not only reduce the value of your home, they all too easily put off potential buyers. All they will be able to visualise is the additional added cost of either having the tree or trees removed or heavily pruned and the rest of the garden sorted out. They may have a tight budget, have plans for additional work to the house but would like to be able to immediately enjoy a garden that is not going to require a lot of costly work and attention.

This is where the services of a local tree surgeon will be very useful, they can quickly assess your tree or trees and advise you of the type of work that will be necessary to regain order, ensuring the tree or trees actually enhance your garden and blend in with their surroundings, thereby creating a relaxing and harmonious environment. Most will also be able to advise what to do with the rest of the garden too and if they are too busy with tree works at that particular time, will certainly be able to recommend the services of a landscape gardener or similar to get the garden all ship shape for you.

Do remember that if you live in a conservation area permission to carry out any tree works will be required from your local council and this can take about six weeks to come through. Most local tree surgeons offer this application process as a free service and will also know how to word the application form which will greatly help in receiving a favourable reply from the local council.

Now you have a beautiful garden that a new owner can relax in immediately and their first impressions will be how they are going to enjoy it over the coming months. Perhaps you should have your home revalued now too, as this work may have increased its value.