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Except Gardening Accessories

• Soil

A good soil is the key to a healthy and beautiful garden. Soil of a garden is expected to be fertile. Before starting gardening, the type of the soil should be examined. A gardener should grow plants which are suitable for the soil of his garden. The quality of soil can be further improved by adding compost or manure in every year. In the case of flower and vegetable, soil quality is really important. Therefore compost must be added in such cases. If the soil pH is much acidic, some lime can be added into the soil to maintain a balanced pH level. Soil pH level should be kept from 5 to 8. This is not so acidic or much alkaline. Soil pH also varies from plants to plant. Some plants may require soil pH level other than the mentioned one.

Addition of mulch (layers of bark, plastic, wood which protect the soil) into the soil helps to maintain soil temperature, soil moisture, weeds etc. Organic mulch enhances the fertility of the soil. During rains or watering, organic mulch reduces the soil splash.

• Environment

Main environmental factors which have deeper impact on gardening are climate and weather conditions. These two factors include water and air temperature. Watering depends on the weather condition. During rains, watering can be skipped. But in the summer, watering should be done regularly. Water dissolves the nutrients in the soil to make the plants healthy. When temperature goes down, the plants are found to go into the dormant state making the metabolism slow. On the other hand, when the temperature is very hot, the plants stop functioning exactly. Therefore, a gardener should take good care of his plants in the extreme temperature conditions, be it winter or summer. During the winter, the plants should be kept inside the home. During the hot summer day, the plants should be placed in shady area.

• Type of plants

A gardener should be well aware of the geography and climate of his area. He should choose plants which can be grown in the climate of his area. There are various types of plants, originated from different region. Therefore, it is really important to know which ones should be perfect for a particular region.