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Carnivorous and Insectivorous Floras

Drosera (Sundews)

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous and fascinating creatures. From the plants and flowers growing in Australian localities, the Drosera or the sundews is among the hundreds of insect-eating plants. Its deadly powers come from its sticky tentacles that trap insects for digestion.

It is a fighter as they can hold extended exposure to the sun, but will require hydration or they die. As the Drosera grows heavier, it may take a siesta down the pot. Gardeners planning to grow them should not be wary as it will eventually grow back with more vigor.


Also called the Monkey Cups, Nepenthes resembles a pitcher storing fluids that monkeys love. They can’t swallow big mammals like monkeys. Yet, they are capable of digesting small frogs, small crawling animals or winged insects when grown higher.

These plants can be daunting to grow, but doable nonetheless. Where will be the fun in doing something easy, right? They are apt for growing in a spacious greenhouse because they can grow longer. But, hybrids allow plant lovers to bring it indoors. Maybe you could change the theme of your living room and make it look jungle like. It will be an added fun or not.

Cobra Lily

Parents warned us that sweets can be harmful. Truly, some plants and flowers like the Cobra Lily will seduce insects with sweet nectar before they will go for the kill. The leaves of this plant closely resemble a cobra’s head ready to strike. Having this in your garden will not only diversify it, but will add theatricals beside the coy blossoms.